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Meet MayA

I started working when I was 11 years old.  I loved to work, providing for myself and buying things for other people.  I bought all of my own school clothes for 6th grade.  I felt successful and rich!
I got my first job by being in the right place at the right time and seizing the opportunity!  There were 2 sets of beautiful twins in my neighborhood.  After school I would ask the moms if I could take their babies for a walk.  One day one of the moms called me and offered me $2 to take the babies for a walk.  I got paid to do something I love that brought me joy!  I was hooked on work!  
I took care of children every moment that I could as a child.  I hosted a puppet show in my grandmother's backyard and sold fresh squeezed lemonade.  My full time job was taking care of 4 children for a single parent mom.  In 6th grade, after school, I'd sit at my sewing table and do my homework.  When I was done, I'd walk to work.  When I got there I'd clean the house and do the dishes.  I give all of the kids baths, make them dinner and play games with them or read them books.  I'd sleep overnight on the couch.  In the morning I'd walk home, take a shower and get my sister ready for school.  i'd walk my sister to school and then walk in the opposite direction to my school.  The next day I'd do it all again.  On the weekend I'd take care of children, clean neighbor's homes, wash cars and mow lawns. 
I loved earning money and making people happy.  I always had one job.  In the summer I had as many as 3 jobs.  I started working the summer before 6th grade and never stopped.  I cleaned cabins for a lake side resort.  Late at night I worked at Kmart cleaning the floors in the empty store with a giant floor machine I could barely hold.  I cleaned cabins on a lake.  I rented surf boards on Saint Augustine Beach, and was a towel girl at the Holiday Inn Beachside in Key West.  
I started working at hotels in high school.  I would get up at 3 am.  I would go running and then do calesthenics.  I caught the school bus at 6 am.  After school I jogged from Key West High School to the Pier House Resort in Old Town.  I would count my bank at 7 pm or 8 pm depending upon when the sun set.  I would clock out at 8 pm or 9 pm.  I'd get home at 9 pm or 10 pm and climb into bed at 10 pm or 11 pm.  I worked every weekend.  I was a concierge, a housekeeper, a Guest Service Agent at the Front Desk, was a waitress, a Restaurant Supervisor, an Assistant to the General Manager, an Assistant to a Sales Manager, a Sales Manager and a Director of Sales and Marketing.
I sold advertising and wrote a column called The Helping Hand and an astrology column for the high school newspaper, The Snapper.   I think we were required to sell a $25 ad for the newspaper every semester.  I would walk into every store on Duval and the surrounding area.  I sold $1,600 worth of advertising my first semester.  It was fun meeting the business owners.  The look on my teacher's face made me want to impress him next semester.
I was in a high school play and a play at the Red Barn Theatre in high school.  I liked participating in Hawaiian Tropic bikini contests.  I took 'boys' gym.  I loved running.  I took a welding class, a wood shop class, a cooking and a sewing class in high school.  I bought my first gym membership when I was 16 years old.
I got my real estate license in 1990 when I changed from the University of Florida to Florida State University.  I was on the Student Activities Committee and Admissions and Standards in college.  I was on the Deans List.  I tutored students in Accounting.  I was a Lady Scalphunter.  I was a certified Personal Trainer in college.  I have always loved construction, renovation, real estate, design, architecture, history, biographies and intelligently designed real estate development.  
I planned to go to law school and specialize in real estate.  My major was Communication.  The Dean in the Communication school at Florida State University encouraged me to go into journalism.  The Dean of the College of Communication and my professors wrote letters of recommendations for me.  I was the 1st non-Ivy League intern at CNN in the Atlanta office.  I was assigned to the International News Desk and worked in advertising and broadcasting.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University (FSU) with a degree in Communication.
I was the 1st non Ivy League intern at CNN.  I was an accounting tutor.  I worked at a Title Company and a mens clothing store.  I was a makeup artist for Chanel and an Advertising Executive for a television station.  
When I arrived at CNN boss was immediately sent to Kobe Japan after the earth quake.  Rob Golden, Sr. Editor of International News, came back the day my internship ended.  I thought I wasn't hired.  I had committed to opening a 25,000 square foot health club as the Director of Sales and Marketing when CNN gave me my job offer.  My apartment had been rented.  My roommate had a new roommate.  My stuff was packed.  I had already had an apartment in Tallahassee.  On to a new adventure!  
I kept a journal at CNN.   I gave the Dean of the School of Communication the small book I'd typed about my adventure at CNN.  The Dean loved my journal.  FSU changed the Journalism school at FUS based on the journal I typed.
Back in Tallahassee I opened and renovated a 25,000 square foot health club.  The business was loosing $7,000 a month when it was aquired.  Within 2 years we were earning $65,000 per month.  We did not loose a single employee.
I moved back to Key West with my fiance' to take care of a sick mom.  I went back into the hotel business.  I was the Director of Sales and Marketing for one of the largest hotels in Key West.
A few years later I was recruited by the newest, and highest rated, hotel on the island.  I gave up my job as the Director of Sales of Marketing for one of the largest hotels on the island to become the Sales Manager at the highest rated hotel in Key West, and simultaneously, the Sales Manager for the only luxury boutique resort on a private island, Sunset Key Guest Cottages. 
The Key West Westin Resort and Marina had an average daily rate twice as high as the hotel where I was the Director of Sales and Marketing.  My commission on an average daily rate (ADR) that was twice as high would result in a commission, and income, more than twice as high as I was earning.  I took the job.  In the first few months at the luxury hotel I booked $1,760,000 in revenue.  My commission structure was 1% of the revenue.  I was outselling my boss 3:1.  
The hotel owner told me that I'd be earning too much money if they were paying me $20,000+ per quarter on top of my salary.  The hotel never paid me the $17,000 in commission money they owed me.  I learned a valuable lesson:  NEVER TAKE A JOB WITHOUT GETTING THE AGREEMENT IN WRITING!  Unbelievably, I worked at the hotel for 4 more years.  
I loved my clients and my work, the intensity and the challenge.  I loved writing the Corporate Marketing Plan.  I loved pleasing Meeting Planners.  I loved bringing hundreds of people in to Key West daily and creating memorable meetings and events.
Nothing made me happier than the letters of appreciation and praise of my Meeting Planners.  One Meeting Planner mailed a letter directly to the corporate office.  The letter was printed in the company magazine.  I was on Cloud 9 when Planners rebooked meetings after telling me they never went to the same hotel twice.  
The hotel business was the perfect preparation for being a real estate Broker.  I worked with companies written about in Forbes and Fortune.  Those companies can afford, and expect, excellence for very best for their customers and leadership teams.  Excellence in a hotel requires cooperation with hundreds of employees, Managers and Directors to insure that the details are executed consistently and to the highest standards.  Similarly, a real estate transaction requires coordinating hundreds of details, working with dozens of people and keeping a customer fully informed every moment of the day.
In March 2005 I specialized in tech savvy multi media home marketing.  I have met the most extraordinary people.  Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for all of the wonderful people that I've met along the way who've become my friends.
I am a careful steward of my client's assets.   I protect the confidentiality, security, integrity and personal information of my client's assets and information.  I contribute my ideas and perspective when appropriate.  I respect the intellectual property rights of clients, competitors and vendors. 
I obey the law.  I respect other people's views and beliefs.  I maintain accurate records and reports.  I am clear, direct, transparent and respectful in my communications with clients, co-workers and competitors.  I value and respect my clients and co-workers and treat them with dignity, professionalism, compassion and empathy.  I avoid conflicts of interest.  I adhere to my employers codes, policies and requirements so that I contribute to the quality of life and service in my organization.  
My actions enhance a healthy, safe and ethical work place.  I provide quality service to all regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, marital or parental status, family responsibilities, sexual orientation or gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.  I keep in mind the way any action, deed or behavior would reflect upon and be perceived by my client, a regulatory agency, friends, family and the media.  I do not perform an action or behavior that I would not be filled with pride to see on the cover of the newspaper, on the television or internet.  I would not consider an action or behavior that would portray my clients, co-workers, friends, family or my integrity, professionalism and reputation in a negative light.  I am a dedicated full time professional with in-depth knowledge and experience in this area and this real estate market.
I have lived in Monroe County for nearly 3 decades.  I've been in every neighborhood from Key West to Big Pine Key and that will help you to find your perfect piece of paradise quickly.
Are you Interested in Feng Shui and how it can enhance your quality of life?  I will share this ancient study of space, shape and color with you.  Learn how spatial qualities enhance life, support your goals and help you achieve your dreams.
Please see my recommendations on LinkedIn for detailed information from my customers!
Choose Maya if you care about discretion, diplomacy, information, detail, training, experience, respect, loyalty, confidentiality, honor, integrity and professionalism.

Maya Thomas LLC

Direct: (305) 522-1398

Sellstate Island Properties
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